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The police find a blind dog on the side of the road and launch an appeal for witnesses on social networks

Little fellow must have scared his owners a lot. He disappeared from his home a few days ago before being discovered by police officers in Torrington, USA. It is with the help of social networks that the family is reunited.

Dealing with your pet’s disappearance is never easy, but when it’s blind, the fear only increases. Friend is one of the dogs suffering from blindness and he escaped from his home in early December last year, reported KGAB.

Do you know the Hill’s brand?

This event had deeply saddened its owners, but not only. Yes, when he was found by police officers from the city of Torrington, Friend was very ” sad “him too. All he wanted was to rejoin his masters, but perhaps his blindness prevented him from going back as any other dog would.

Friend was found one beautiful morning near a barn while taking a nap. The police posted his picture on their site Facebook, Torrington Police Department, hoping to find its owners as soon as possible. They had also set up a telephone line for those who recognized the animal.

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” Good news ! “

A few days later, the story ended well for Friend. The police announced a good news on social networks: the doggy was able to join its owners, thanks to the mobilization of the largest number. The dog can finally put this story behind him and find some peace with those he loves dearly.





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