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The price of kibble for cats and dogs will increase further: beware of homemade preparations

The prices of many food and non-food products have been steadily increasing in recent months, and among these, pet food has not escaped inflation. In a year, prices have increased by 5 to 10%, and another 20% increase is announced next month in stores specializing in animal products.

Several big brands are involved: Whiskas, Pedigree and Sheba… All in the hands of the American giant Mars. in the question? The increase in production, transport and labor costs.

On the kibble shelves for dogs, premium products are now popular. Some shelves are empty. Currently, the price is between 2 and 4 euros per kilo. But from 1 December, these prices must be increased by 20%, i.e. an increase of 40 to 80 øre per For Premium croquettes, it is necessary to count today 6.50 euros per kilo. For 12 kg bags for dogs, quite recently we still took 3 euros from the bag. So yes, prices are going up, and unfortunately it’s been constant for the past few months: prices are going up a little bit steadily.”emphasizes Quentin Corbisier, veterinarian in Temploux, in Namur.

For cats, the prices are even slightly higher: The first price is 2.40 euros per kilo. Premium croquettes are almost 10 euros per kilo. And as for specialized kibble (medicated) for dogs and cats, it costs around ten euros per kilo.

The solution: cook your own food?

Contrary to what you might think, it does not cost less to prepare meals for these animals yourself. On the contrary ! The ration must contain vegetables, starch and proteins, the prices of which have also increased. And to this must be added the prices of energy and, in particular, of gas to prepare them.

“What will be expensive in the diet of carnivorous livestock will be the protein of animal origin that we will give them. And as everyone knows, meat has also increased, and elsewhere that explains the increase in the price of cooking , is the increase in the price of meat, among other things. So for me, in terms of calculating the costs, it will not be as profitable as that. You have to buy the products, store them, cook them… It will take time , it will take up space in the fridge”notes the Namur vet.

Especially since preparing the feed for your animals yourself can be a risk in case of incorrect dosage. “FMaking a household ration for a tame carnivore cannot be improvised, it is calculated. The risk of making a household ration yourself without the help of a nutritionist is that the ration becomes unbalanced and that we increase the risk of obesity or diet-related diseases.”insists Quentin Corbisier.



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