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The price of meals in high school canteens will increase by 3% in Centre-Val de Loire next January

Last September
had the Centre-Val de Loire region decided not to transfer inflation to the prices charged for meals in the school canteens. But next Januaryparents will not escape an increase, which will however be limited to +3% indicates the region. There are 69,000 high school students in Centre-Val de Loire.

Food prices have increased by 12%

The prices of the food we buy have increased by 12%, even 15%explains François Bonneau, the president of the Centre-Val de Loire region. We do everything to limit the impact on families as much as possible. We certainly ask them to make an effort, but contained at +3%, the rest will be borne by the Region – knowing that we allocate more than 10 million euros to the purchase of food.” In parallel, The region will contribute to the solidarity fundavailable to each secondary school, which can be mobilized to help families in difficulty and continues its policy of free textbooks and school transport.

This decision is in original budget 2023 which the regional council must adopt at the meeting this Thursday. Structured budget”in the storm and in the fog“, emphasizes Marc Gricourt, 1st vice-president of the region in charge of economy: 60% of regional revenues now depend on VAT and it is difficult to predict what the level of consumption will be in the current context of inflation.

Generalize the mandatory meal reservation system

The region also confirms its ambition to strengthen the fight against food waste, especially with the expansion of mandatory food reservation system already used by 25% of colleges. “We really need to generalize this system which gives good results“, insists François Bonneau. + 9 million meals is served every year in the school canteens of secondary schools in the region. It is estimated (at national level) that 30% of food prepared in canteens is not consumed and ends up in the bin.



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