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the prosecutor offers to cut his vocal cords!

His dog barks too much: the prosecutor offers to cut off his vocal cords!

A suggestion that was obviously very badly received.

Accused of violating noise rules because of his dog’s barking, a North Carolina resident received a startling suggestion from the Graham County prosecutor’s office. And for good reason since the latter proposed to devocalize the dog, that is to say to completely or partially remove its vocal cords.

Owner Michael Eddings said the representative from the Graham County District Attorney’s Office offered the appalling deal during a court appearance a few days ago. Michael Eddings found himself facing justice because of the untimely barking of his dog named Leo, aged 7.

” It’s inhumane “

According to Michael Eddings, the prosecutor would have offered to drop all charges if the vocal cords were surgically removed. An “inhuman” request according to Leo’s human.

Mr. Eddings told news outlet WLOS-TV that he racked up more than $750 in noise nuisance tickets and attorney fees because of his dog’s barking. He explained that his dog’s barking was particularly loud because Leo is huge.

Finally, the prosecutor’s office recognized that this proposal was absolutely not appropriate.

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