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The quartet demands: “They are not ready for dialogue” (Boubacar Siddighy)

The members of the quartet consisting of ANAD, RPG, CORED and FNDC-politique set several conditions for participation in the consultation framework after their meeting with Prime Minister Bernard Goumou.

Among the preconditions for this coalition are the release of political prisoners and the return of major leaders who have been absent from the country for some time.

For Boubacar Siddighy Diallo, certain points in this memorandum are unattainable and sufficiently prove the unwillingness of the political leaders to participate in the dialogue.

“I think when you read the various points, it’s enough to say that they don’t want to go to dialogue. So, in order not to make them say that we refuse to receive the Prime Minister and that we say that they do not want to engage in dialogue, they receive the Prime Minister to tell him what he will never be able to accept, and this is how we will means that we have accepted to receive it. They are not ready for dialogue, but it is also their right not to engage in dialogue with this government. Some parties in the Quartet, at least from the start, have had no interest in agreeing to dialogue with the CNRD, but they have supported the CNRD. Today, if they do not have what they wanted to achieve, it is usually in their understanding. The set prerequisites, it is up to the CNRD to see. »he hinted in an interview with our editors on Sunday, November 13, 2022.

The president of the trade union of the popular movement says that he adheres to the release of imprisoned political leaders, but not to the release of those absent from the country, if justice would hold evidence against them.

He believes that if Colonel Mamadi Doumbouya embarks on this process, he will lose all credibility.

“What the UMP joins in these prerequisites is the release of political prisoners. Now they talked about the return of political leaders in exile. There is no exile law that was taken there. There is no principle in the state that says , that we will voluntarily exile people, that’s not right. But behind the scenes they want total release for everyone who fled, to avoid being prosecuted by the courts. And I don’t think President Doumbouya is able to postpone it , because it says not to prosecute any political leader. If they (CNRD members) do that, it’s as if they shot themselves in the head. »he warns.

Hadja Kade Barry



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