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The reunion between this dog and this cat has cracked up internet users all over the world

April Butler is the proud owner of Winnie, a female Australian Cattle Dog. This timid dog, who has his own Instagram account, met Bobbie in 2021, a cat adopted by April’s roommate. “That’s how Bobbie came into our livesexplains the latter. She stayed with us for 3 or 4 months when she was just a kitten. When we brought him home, Winnie was terrified! She left the living room at full speed… But after a few days their relationship warmed up and they ended up falling in love with each other.“Bobbie was later adopted by April’s roommate’s cousin (follower?).”That’s how we found Bobbie’s permanent foster family.adds the young woman. Winnie was sad when Bobbie left. She always went to her favorite places, such as the bathroom, hoping to see his friend.

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Emotional reunion

A year after this separation, Bobbie’s family contacts the two roommates to ask them to keep the cat during their vacation. “We were super excited and said yes right away!remember April. At first I was a bit worried because I didn’t know how Winnie would react to this big change, she is so scared and tends to overreact. So we decided to present them again through the bay window in our living room. And from the moment they saw each other, you could tell on Winnie’s face that she immediately recognized her best friend. His tail kept moving in all directions! Then we opened the bay window. And it was as if they had fallen in love with each other all over again!“A very moving sequence to discover in the video above.

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