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the tornado in Suippes in the Marne should not be recognized as a natural disaster

A tornado (or gale) swept through Suippes (Marne) on Thursday 17 November. The damage was significant, yet the state should not recognize this phenomenon as a natural disaster (which plays a role for insurance).

It is hard to forget the tornado (unless it was a strong gale) that swept through the small town of Suippes (Marne), Thursday, November 17, 2022. Faced with the damage (50 homes damaged including the barracks, 180 homes without electricity), had to the population fill out insurance papers.
During certain events such as earthquakes, floods or storms, the state issues a recognition of the state of natural disaster. This is the subject of a prefectural decree in the relevant department.
But this will not be the case for this windy event, France 3 Champagne-Ardenne learned from the prefecture, a week after the fact. “The climatic event in Suippes falls within the scope of the ‘Storm, Snow and Hail (TNG)’ phenomenon and is therefore not eligible for the natural disaster recognition procedure.”

“It is purely in the field of insurance. These phenomena can be insured by ‘TNG’ coverage offered and taken out with insurance companies as part of the contracts.”
Specifically, the TNG guarantee in this case allows for compensation if tiles have fallen from your roof or something has fallen onto your house (for example, an upright tree). It must be invoked within 48 hours of the climatic event.
The natural disaster guarantee is broader and covers all damages in connection with a natural event. But only works – even weeks later – if it is recognized by the prefecture’s decree. This is not the case here.

Météo-France told France 3 it could take time to determine whether the brief and violent event in Suippes was a tornado. The answer is not yet known.
According to the forecast from Agate, a service based in northern France, it could also be a crash. More information should be known next week. Note that whether or not the phenomenon is a tornado does not change the recognition of a state of natural disaster here.



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