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The Trenteloisen ready for the derby against Pujols

Last week, the Trentelois were a little too shy. They took a beating against Audois by Val XIII. What they had not accustomed us to against Nantes, Clairac (37-22 win) and Bègles (36-20 win), the winning streak ended far from the edge of the Lot with a 6-32 defeat.

Nicolas Cassagne and Jérôme Séchet do not see this as a stop, a simple setback against a stronger team, better in position, the fifteen boys who donned the “blue and red” tunic had the merit of honoring the jersey.

This Sunday, return to Lustrac and what a return with the reception of Pujols, “Classico”.

A meeting “XXL” a real test match for the band for Nico Cassagne, who will meet this team the opportunity to confirm their place as a leader. This will require keeping it simple, doing what has worked well so far.

During this meeting, the Trentelois must never let the Pujolais believe for a single moment that they will be able to have the last word on this team, which under the leadership of Jean-Michel Bonizzoni lives well. The boys are in good spirits, fueled by a remarkable state of mind, they have really started their season in the league and on the banks of the Lot, no one will complain, knowing that there is still a long way to go.



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