The unconditional love between this dog and this cat moved millions of internet users (video)

Meadow and Twig come to contradict the famous expression: get it together like dog and cat. Their love for each other is so strong that it touched the hearts of millions of TikTok users some time ago. Focus on this extraordinary love.

It is to United Statesand more precisely in the city buffaloThere lives Meadow and Twig. The first is a crusader German Shepherd Dog / Coonhound 3 years old, while the other is a gray cat with air Russian blue. Newsweek comes back to the exceptional bond that unites the 2 balls of fur.

Lee Ann Babirad is the happy owner, and every day she witnesses the signs of affection that her animals have for each other. The female lives with another puppy namedIvybut it is actually the fusion between Meadow and Twig which made him famous on social networks.

“World’s Best Friends”

She recently posted a video TikTok which has been viewed by more than 7 million Internet users. We can see the 2 balls of fur against each other on the sofa of their mistress. We learn that too Twig happened in the life of Meadow after the death of another dog in the household, Arrow.


If we could all love each other like this cat (Twig) and dog (Eng) do ???? #dogsofttiktok #catsofttiktok #bestfriends #lovestory #unconditionallove #petstory #bekindtooneanother #lovebig

? you are my sunshine – christina perri

The filmed moment exudes so much sweetness that it is a source of inspiration for many of us. The way in which Twig snuggled up against the bushy body of Meadow proves all the love he feels for him.

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If only we could love each other like they do said their mistress. Some commenters have even wondered if they were a couple in a past life!

Fortunately, the adventure of our 2 soulmates does not end there. They continue to share, every day, moments of play and tenderness, living the life they’ve always dreamed of!


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