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The United States bans JUUL e-cigarettes, very popular with young people

The best-known brand of electronic cigarette has just had the right to market its products removed by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in the United States. The authority says it has not received enough evidence from JUUL that would show that its products are not harmful to health.

The ax fell on June 23, 2022 in a statement from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA): JUUL “ must stop selling and distributing these products. In addition, those currently on the US market must be withdrawn, or face enforcement action..”

The most popular electronic cigarettes across the Atlantic can no longer be sold in the United States, sealing the fate of a company that collapsed as quickly as it had exploded.

“In our view, there is nos enough evidence to assess the potential toxicological risks of using JUUL products reads the FDA takedown order. ” As with all manufacturers, JUUL was given the opportunity to provide evidence demonstrating that the marketing of their products meets the standards. However, the company did not provide this proof and instead left us with important questions unanswered. Without the data needed to determine the relevant health risks, the FDA issues these marketing denial orders. »

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When JUUL targeted young people

JUUL is an American company selling electronic cigarettes on which refills are clipped; they are thus opposed to devices with a fixed tank that is filled with a liquid. Thanks to a very aggressive marketing campaign targeted at young people starting in 2015, it was quickly adopted in American middle and high schools. To the point where youth vaping has become a public health issue in the land of Uncle Sam.

An old ad for JUUL

On December 20, 2018, Altria (Marlboro), the group specializing in tobacco, took a 35% stake in the company (12.8 billion dollars), valuing JUUL at nearly 38 billion dollars. Which roughly matched Airbnb’s estimated value.

Until the sudden fall of JUUL

Then from 2020, JUUL had a series of disappointments: under pressure from the Trump administration in the United States, dragged to court by worried parents, cities and states demanding accountability, forced to withdraw certain flavored products sale and renounce all advertising, and victim, like many others, of growing skepticism about the safety of electronic cigarettes. Its co-founder even jumped ship in March 2020.

In France, it has been almost two years since it has been possible to obtain JUUL e-cigarettes, or even “pod” type refills.



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