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The United States wants to strengthen its economic ties with Africa

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US Assistant Secretary of Commerce Don Graves on Tuesday (June 21st) called for a new, equal partnership with African state governments as Joe Biden’s administration strives to mend the strained bond between the two continents. under the Trump era.

We want ” a partnership based on mutual respect and without exploitation “. This is the promise made Tuesday by Don Graves to Africans. A speech that the US Assistant Secretary of Commerce has continued to deliver throughout his tour of West Africa last week. From Abidjan to Accra via Dakar, he pleaded with the leaders met for a strengthening of trade with the continent, currently estimated at 50 billion dollars, less than the Chinese rival, which increased his to 64 billion.

A plan for more electricity for households

To consolidate the American presence, the Biden administration is betting on investments in infrastructure and the energy sector. The American diplomat recalled the agreement concluded a few days ago to build hospitals in Côte d’Ivoire or the plan ” PowerAfrica to provide electricity to households.

And to attract investment from the private sector, worried about insecurity. Don Graves stressed that stability would only be ensured by supporting democratic countries. Finally, on the war in Ukraine, the American diplomat mentioned Washington’s desire to ensure the supply of foodstuffs and fertilizers to African countries, hard hit by the crisis.

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