The US and Russia ready to resume their dialogue

The US and Russia plan to resume strategic arms control talks. The bilateral consultative commission established under the framework of the New Start bilateral strategic nuclear disarmament treaty was due to meet soon, probably at the end of November, in Cairo. The Egyptian capital has been chosen as the venue, preferably in Geneva. Switzerland, the traditional host country for these talks, is no longer considered a neutral country by Russia due to the economic sanctions imposed by Bern after the invasion of Ukraine.

Resumption of inspections

The New Start Treaty on US and Russian long-range nuclear weapons has been extended for five years in 2021. In particular, negotiations will aim to resume inspections under the treaty that have been suspended since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. This return to discussions between Washington and Moscow on arms control in Europe follows a series of confidential exchanges between US national security adviser Jake Sullivan and two of Vladimir Putin’s closest advisers: Nikolai Patrushev, the security secretary, and Yuri Ushakov, the international affairs adviser. “We have channels to communicate with the Russian Federation at higher levels, confirmed Jake Sullivan, Monday, November 7, in front of the Economic Club of New York. We have done so when it was necessary to clarify possible misunderstandings, to try to reduce risks and to reduce the possibility of a catastrophe such as the potential use of nuclear weapons. »

The White House specifies that the exchanges between Americans and Russians carried “only” on reducing the risks of the use of nuclear weapons in the conflict and bilateral relations. “The United States reserves the right to speak directly with Russia on matters concerning the United Statesspokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre said. US support for Ukraine will be steadfast and unwavering. »

kyiv asked to soften its position

According to several American media, Jake Sullivan nevertheless took advantage of his visit to Kiev on Friday, November 4, to call on the Ukrainian leaders to be publicly more open to the search for a solution to the conflict. At the same time, the United States is seeking to assure Ukraine of support from certain allies, concerned about the consequences of a protracted war on energy and food prices.

In fact, NATO countries are already considering starting negotiations once the Kherson region has passed under Ukraine’s control, the Italian daily reveals La Repubblica. In Kiev, the authorities reject any pressure to start negotiations and maintain their position. Thatmain mode » of a resumption of negotiations with Russia would be “restoration of Ukraine’s territorial integrity”insists Oleksiy Danilov, secretary of the Ukrainian Security Council.

“Different views on how the war should end constitute the real risk to European unitysays Ivan Krastev, researcher at the Institute for Human Sciences (Vienna). There is an urgent need for a common framework for a solution to the war. Without this, Ukrainians’ fear of being betrayed by the West and Putin’s fear of Russia being humiliated militarily push the escalation to extremes. »


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