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The US, Canada and Mexico want fewer Chinese products and fewer drugs – Liberation


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After a meeting in the Mexican capital, the “three amigos” agreed on the reduction of Asian imports, the fight against fentanyl trafficking and the environment. But in terms of migration, the record is meager.

commonly baptized “the summit of the three amigos”a reference to a parody Western by John Landis, the two-day meeting between the heads of state of Mexico, Canada and the United States, the three countries of North America, ended on Tuesday with good words: “We are stronger and better when the three of us work together,” finished Joe Biden ahead of his colleagues Andrés Manuel López Obrador (called Amlo) and Justin Trudeau.

A post-covid world

Three major issues were on the table at the summit in Mexico: immigration, the fight against drug and arms trafficking and the climate. A meeting between the same three heads of state took place in New York in November 2021, but it mainly focused on coordinating health policies. In a post-Covid world, the goal now, still according to Joe Biden, is to make North America “the most competitive, prosperous and robust economic region in the world”. The three states are linked by a free trade agreement that has been in place since 1994 and renegotiated in 2020 under Donald Trump.

Ahead of the summit, White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan set the tone by emphasizing the importance of regional integration to reduce “dependence” towards “other parties




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