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The vet forced to end the dog’s life sends a heartbreaking letter to the family

Veterinarians see many animals parading through their clinic, with more or less severe cases. Doctors of our animal friends, they are nevertheless people like the others and certain situations can affect them, despite their experience.

When her pet becomes seriously ill, some heartbreaking decisions must be made. And the loss of a loved one is a terrible ordeal for many to overcome.

The family of one Labrador 10-year-old lived through this tragedy when their beloved dog had to be euthanized. In the middle of the grieving process, they get unexpected support from their vet, who was responsible for putting the animal to sleep forever. The mirror report the facts.

supportive words

The doctor made sure to send them a letter full of sweetness and kindness. On a white background we can read:

The tide recedes but leaves shiny seashells on the sand.

The sun is setting, but a mild warmth lingers on the earth.

The music stops, but it continues to echo in soft choruses.

For every joy that passes, something beautiful remains “.

A dog’s footprint ends the letter, like a signature of the missing companion.

These poignant lines moved netizens to tears as they were shared on the platform Save your. Many showed their support in the comments: ” I am amazed at how thoughtful and touching this gesture is. But the paw print makes me sad », « Thanks for making a grown man cry “. Others recounted their personal experiences in long moving texts.

This gesture by the vet gave a more human aspect to the euthanasia process, which is often difficult for pet owners to accept. Thanks to his kindness, the specialist has definitely helped this family move forward.

Illustrative: Veterinarian forced to euthanize dog sends heartbreaking letter to family

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