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The video montage revealing the extraordinary complicity of this cat and this dog deeply moved the web

Friendships between species are always beautiful to see. They actually prove that love is stronger than anything else. Here the expression “getting together like dog and cat” is undermined. The duo are truly inseparable and share both the tender moments and their wild games.

The video was posted by the owner of the dog and cat on the Twitter account Puppy club. The latter lists sequences of dogs with terribly cute and/or unusual behavior.

Here we discover 2 faithful friends who don’t let go of a sole. Their behavior testifies to their unfailing complicity.

We can actually observe the doggy and the tomcat snuggling up against each other to snuggle in their sleep stages. The cat tenderly embraces its canine companion.

Moreover, they also share their toys and even bath time, which they both seem to enjoy.

Each brings his sidekick his share of love.

A friendship that has not left internet users indifferent

The video was a resounding success. She got almost 70,000 likes and has been retweeted over 10,000 times.

We can also read many comments from people who are moved by this unlikely duo or simply admire this relationship.

“When we see this display of affection between 2 beings of different species, i.e. dog/cat juxtaposed with human, it leaves you thinking. It’s quite a pity that we are not so able to do the same. We should all learn from them. If only we had the courage to go beyond our barriers”wrote one user as another confided: “This is just the cutest thing I’ve ever seen on Twitter. Thank you for sharing these adorable animals with us”.

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Some have also asked for advice on getting to the same stage of bonding with their own balls of fur. If a meeting under the best auspices and a mutual respect helps for a good life together, the feeling is not explained to him.




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