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As Christmas approaches, UFC Que Choisir sounds the alarm on the Christmas logs and reveals the worst on the market that should never be eaten!

Not all Christmas logs are created equal. If you are one of those who have decided to buy one in supermarkets, here are the UFC association’s recommendations on what to choose which will help you make a choice.

Christmas sticks: an infinity of choices

Every year this time of year is an opportunity to treat yourself. For the elderly, it is a real pleasure! Between the various feasts and the famous Christmas tree, there is plenty to enjoy.

In addition, this period is often the most difficult for those who follow a diet. Suffice it to say that between winter dishes and Christmas delicacies, e.gPaying attention to your line is not really a priority.

Actually, when you think about it, fondues and raclettes aren’t the healthiest! And it doesn’t stop there, as you also have to satisfy your sugar cravings. Then came the shortbread, the cakes and the inevitable Christmas trees!

Christmas sticks are a must! Indeed, it would be difficult to imagine a New Year’s Eve without a Christmas log! What an idea. So to have fun, food brands outperform each other.

In fact, they go out of their way to impress consumers. And don’t hesitate to innovate to offer unique creations for every taste and budget. Fruit, chocolate or even vanilla... There is something for everyone!

But with so many choices, choosing the right Christmas tree is not easy. To guide consumers, the association UFC que Choisir has revealed its survey, which lists the best and worst logs on the market.

The worst and the best big box logs

Some Yule logs for sale in supermarkets can therefore be dangerous to your health. Some can e.g contains beef gelatin! Others could be loaded with additives or even flavored.

All logs available in supermarkets are ultra-processed products that should be consumed in moderation. Some brands stand out positively, although this is not systematic for all their references. » explains the association, UFC Que Choisir.

So to make the right choice and not get your Christmas log wrong this year, here are some recommendations from the association by consumers. Among the Yule strains with the lowest ratings, and therefore to be avoided at all costs, we find the Erhard brand vanilla, lime and raspberry ice log and the raspberry nougat ice stick from the Eskiss Signature brand from Marque Repère.

As for those that have won the most over consumers, in 3rd place on the podium we find the iced logs of the Excellence brand. But beware, they are not perfect either. They contain 2 added flavourings. As well as 4 industrial ingredients and 6 additives.

In 2nd place we find the bar with 2 chocolates from the Deluxe brand, from Lidl. With only 1 added flavor and 2 industrial ingredients. But 4 additives anyway giving it an average rating.

Finally apple dough log, vanilla tatin style de Picard is known as good. It is characterized by only 2 additives, 1 single industrial ingredient and no added flavor!

If you want a great Christmas log that is of excellent quality, there is nothing better than the pastry sticks. But we will have to pay the price and count between 25 and 135 euros for this sweet little treat.

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