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their papers found, and it doesn’t bode well

Since November 25, Leslie Hoorelbeke, 22, Kévin Trompat, 21, and their dog have been fleeting after an evening with friends near Niort (Deux-Sèvres). A call for witnesses was launched on 7 December following the discovery of Kévin Trompat’s identity papers.

Papers in a clothes container

With their cell phones no longer transmitting, Leslie’s vehicle was found by investigators, parked on a public road not far from the evening’s location and from a friend’s house with whom they were to spend the night. But it was 50 kilometers away that Kévin Trompat’s driving license was found in a Relais clothes container by an employee, said Le Parisien. If the Deux-Sèvre prosecutor’s office cannot yet establish the circumstances under which this identity document was found there, it does not rule out any hypothesis.

Furthermore, the location of the container is only a few kilometers from Aigrefeuilles-d’Aunis in Charente-Maritime., where Leslie lived with her father, with whom she is particularly close. Important means have been implemented to find the couple and their dog, explained the public prosecutor in Niort, Julien Wattebled, “with the reinforcement of criminal identification technicians, divers and soldiers from the gendarmerie companies of Niort and Rochefort”. If no track is privileged at the moment, the young people’s family (…)


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