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these 4 unexpected performances that you need to know!

Insurance contracts have the unfortunate tendency to confuse members. To avoid unpleasant surprises, an overview of unexpected things to know.

All of us, we pay (sometimes a fortune) ours Car insurance. Insurance at third, extended third or all risks, everyone sees dinner on their doorstep. Either depending on the value of the vehicle to be insured, either according to his budget. Or both.

But if insurance contracts highlight all their advantageIt is clear that there are still large shadow areas. Conditions unsuspecting which can topple the scale.

Three years without insurance = “young license”

Let’s get our feet wet. The known bonus/penalty coefficient that haunts people’s minds isn’t done playing tricks on you. With good reason if you know or have known one car insurance interruption for at least 3 yearssubscribing to a contract again takes you immediately back to status of youth permit. And this, regardless of your years of license.

In other words, you restart without any bonusto reduction/addition coefficient (CRM) 1. which means you will pay full price your prize. But if you prove that you drove one service car Until then, the insurance company should not worry about awarding you a bonus in proportion to the number of years insured.

Is the driver still covered by his insurance?

Know that this is not always true. As unlikely as it may seem, the driver is not always guaranteed for his own injuries. Especially when it is responsible of a disaster. In fact, if the passengers are all well protected and will be well compensated under public responsibilitythe insured, on his part, must have taken out a guarantee” Driver protection“. Otherwise, the driver is not covered if he is at fault.

If this optional warranty – but significantly – is often included in the “extended third party” or “all risks” formulas, it is not automatic. It can be especially so absent of tailored insurance“special malussé” insurance or those offered through comparators.

Burglary is not supported

Insure courage flight is one of the first reflexes we have when we take out car insurance. But in the eyes of the insurance companies, this is theft and theft. A flight without break-ins is true excluded coverage clauses in your car insurance for many companies.

Many of them still impose at least two burglaries (lock, steering column, etc.). Failing this and assuming the car is found, they refuse to compensate the victims or claim for repayment if they had already taken care of the claim.

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Bonus 50: available after 13 years of insurance

If above we already talked about the bonus/malus coefficient, which controls everyone’s insurance premiums, the holy grail consists in arriving at the famous bonus 50. Understand by this, the threshold that allows you to take advantage of lowest insurance premium.

To take advantage of it, you have to be patient. In fact, this stage is available after thirteen long years of insurance. But be careful! Yet he doesn’t make the slightest mishap and is well behaved (no pun intended). Remember that every chin will cost you an increase of 25% on your bonus/penalty, while the bonus increases in the meantime only 5% from year to year…

Note that some insurances such as BNP Paribas, Macif or Matmut still go further to keep their best profiles that have reached the coefficient of 0.50. They reward them with one extra bonus (up to 60 or 65% respectively).



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