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these dog foods should not be eaten by your pet

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Two references of Royal Canin brand dog food are subject to a product recall throughout France. These contain pieces of foam plastic in the composition of the products and should not be given to your pooches.

Weekday, the health authorities warn us on the consumption of certain foods. Reminders that we tell you about as soon as a warning is published. And these last do not spare our pets.

Last year, Purina brand cat food was subject to a massive recall due to the presence of a specific residue. This time it is Dog food which is in the sights of the health authorities and the fire. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Which products are affected?

The recall concerns GI LOW FAT foam for dogs 410 gr and Urine S/O foam for dogs 410 gr of the brand Royal Canin which is not in accordance with food quality and safety. These were marketed in several clearance stores present throughout France: Maxxilot, O Bon Plan, Lebonplan, Destock Tout, ABM Destock, Destock +, Aurore Destock. The reason for the recall: Possible presence of plastic elements in the foam.

The affected products are:

– GIVE LOW FAT foam:

  • Batch 06/02/25, FR45273002 RLL, expiry date 06/02/2025
  • Lot 07/02/25, FR45273002 RLL from 00:00 to 03:00, last date of use 07/02/2025

Urine feed N/A:

  • Lot 07-02-25, FR45273002 RUL (expiration date: 7 February 2025), Best before date 02/07/2025
  • Lot 06-02-25, FR45273002 RUL (expiration date: 6 February 2025), Best before date 02/06/2025

As specified in the recall, non-compliant production batches of this Urinary S/O mash “had been the subject of a destruction order on 14.02.2023 and 15.02.2023 from Royal Canin because they were likely to pose a danger to the health of dogs”. The brand has announced that an investigation procedure has been initiated.

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What if you have it at home?

If you have purchased any of these products for your dog, the Conso Reminder website (the public website that lists all recalls of finished products intended for consumers) advises don’t give it to himcontact customer service and bring it back to the store at the nearest point of sale to proceed refund.

About your pet has side effects after consuming this product, it is recommended to take him to the vet immediately and to specify the consumption of the mash in question.

More information on the Rappel Conso website, but also by telephone On 0800415161.

If you want to know more about the health risks of food recalls, see our guide to food recalls.

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