These dogs are waiting at the Nargis refuge: discover the portraits of Nala, Murphy, Max and Ryley

Nala4 years old, German shorthaired pointer mix

Last name : Nala
Sex : Female
Age : 4 years
Breed : German shorthaired pointer cross
Temper : Full of energy, she has not really received an education. She is sociable with dogs, knows children. But it will be necessary to avoid cats and birds, or anything that could represent “game” for her!
His ideal home: An active family, attention and a cozy warm basket for a lifetime.

MurphyRyley and Max, 2 months, pinscher

Last name :Murphy, Ryley and Max
Sex : Males
Age : 2 months
Breed : Pinscher
Temper : Ryley is the shyest, Murphy the boldest and Max is a bit of an adventurer. Of course, their characters will evolve. They will weigh around 4 kg when fully grown. These tiny jigs can follow you everywhere.
Their ideal home: Responsible families, because with their small size they can sneak in everywhere. With or without children (but beware, these are neither stuffed animals nor toys).
To know : You will have to fill in the questionnaire on the Nargis refuge website and agree on a prior appointment.

Useful information

It should be remembered that each shelter has adoption conditions. They can be viewed on their websites (links below).

Nargis Shelter

Open Tuesday to Sunday from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.
Rout of Montabon, 45210 Nargis

Such. : 02 38 95 88 48
Mobile: 06 49 45 99 22
Email: [email protected]


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