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these French ready to resort to euthanasia or assisted suicide

By 2021, 45 French people would have crossed the Alps to resort to assisted suicide, according to figures from the Dignitas association. Robert Kneschke/Robert Kneschke –

STATEMENTS – In a few years for some, in a few months for others. These Frenchmen are determined to go to Switzerland, a country where it is possible to decide on his end of life.

In a savings account, she carefully put aside 12,000 euros. An amount intended to pay the costs of an assisted suicide in Switzerland. “It reassures me to have this opportunity. I am the captain of my life. I don’t let anyone decide for me.” explains Dominique Minana. At 64, this resident of Montpellier has created a strong character during his bumpy life. Since birth, she has suffered from an orphan disease – known as Oppenheim’s – and knows the oppressive atmosphere of hospitals and rehabilitation centers by heart. And today she is deeply tired of what she considers to be confinement. “I am afraid of spending the end of my life in the hospital or in a nursing home., she says. JI want to end my life in a chosen and thoughtful way rather than exposing myself to abuse.

Formerly employed in a public company, this militant pensioner from ADMD has only moved around in a wheelchair since 2006.…

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