these Frenchmen ready to do anything to see the final at the World Cup in Qatar


published on Sunday 18 December 2022 at 11:31 am

For the second time in a row, France reached the final of the World Cup. A golden opportunity for some French to live an unforgettable experience despite exorbitant prices, reports Le Parisien, Sunday, December 18.

“When you love, you don’t count.” Arnaud, a French supporter who will fly to Qatar, sums up the state of mind animating the handful of supporters who have also chosen to make a quick return trip between Paris and Doha to experience the World Cup final, reports Le Parisien, Sunday 18. December.

Fans who will stop at nothing to experience this historic moment, not even in front of the price of the flight and the place in the stadium. “For us enthusiasts, it is unthinkablesays Yannick, who was already present during the other three finals of the Blues (1998, 2006, 2018). Apart from a final between France and Argentina, it is impossible for supporters like us not to be in Doha.” As Adrien Danjou, head of digital marketing for MyComm, a sports travel company, explains, “There were different formulas. The first included only the return flight at 1,500 euros. Then we had formulas with access to the FFF box office for French supporters, which started at 2,200 euros and it could go up to 3,600 euros. He ends by stating that “For some, the price didn’t matter.”

A unique opportunity

Challone, a supporter of the Blues, is about to see a World Cup match for the first time in her life and for this she has made some sacrifices: “Places are not given, so we took our savings, we told ourselves that we are going once in a lifetime. I think it’s one of the best things I’ll experience in my life, so I think it’s worth it.”

Ditto for Fabien, who chose the formula for 2900 euros, including a return flight and a polling station at the stadium. “It was a drag, but I figured now is the time to do it again… well, you never know.”


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