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“They ate my cat”: In Sète, an owner files a complaint after a dog attack on his land

At the end of December, in the Villeroy district of Sète, a cat was violently attacked by two dogs from the neighboring household. Its owners have decided to file a complaint.

On Friday, December 30, in the Villeroy district of Sète, a cat was the victim of a brutal attack by two dogs: a Malinois shepherd and a Jack Russel. Roxy, 2 and a half years old, the cat in question, has since been hospitalized. The latter suffers from numerous bites on the tail, legs, shoulder blades and hips and needs surgery.

“I heard the children scream”

Ludovic, his master, says: “I heard the children screaming. When I intervened, the dogs ate her, they bit her on the back legs! My wife took a stick to protect herself. foot at the bottom of the dog’s stomach to stop it.

“I immediately caught up with the cat to bring him back into the house, he was inert. I called an emergency vet. She wouldn’t even come in because the dogs were still in front of the villa.” One of those two dogs, the Malinois, had already killed a neighborhood cat two years ago, according to Roxy’s owner. After a complaint was filed, the case was dismissed at that time. Last year, these two dogs even attacked a leashed Labrador, with no consequences, according to Ludovic. .

A complaint filed

A complaint was therefore lodged at the police station the day after the attack on this Siberian cat. The owner of the cat provokes “a barbaric act”, as he suggests in the many messages he sent to the mistress of the two dogs. “My children are in shock, they are traumatized. The situation could have been dramatic, they could have been in the garden instead of the cat, they were shocked by the terrible scene that happened before their eyes, a savagery that I never thought, it was possible to imagine.. Even my wife hasn’t slept well since that day.” Ludovic does not flinch: “The owner of the dogs is in total denial. She has a very peculiar behavior, she denies the facts. What will happen next? A child attack? A tenant or a resident of Villeroy is injured?

The owner answers

She, in turn, recognizes the attack, but does not understand how her animal was able to cross her gate as well as her neighbor’s. “We don’t know if it happened inside his home. We both have a gate of about two meters. My dogs have never jumped it.”

This lady is even considering filing a complaint in return “hundreds of posts” sent by Ludovic. She also wonders that her Jack Russel has “disappeared” since the attack. “I find it very strange that my dog ​​disappeared right after attacking a cat. Especially since he never ran away…”

The latter nevertheless informed her neighbor that she was insured and would cover the veterinary costs, which initially amounted to more than €700. But “Since I sent her the first invoice, she no longer respondssorry Ludovic. Roxy will have surgery this Tuesday afternoon, luckily she is doing a little better. But we are going to exceed the vet bill by €2,000 and these dogs are still unattended.”assures Sétois.

A letter sent to the city of Sète according to the urban planning code

In addition to the filing of a complaint, a letter was sent to the city of Sète, “to preserve the safety of the inhabitants of the district”, in which it was asked, using “article L211-11 of the rural law “to oblige the driver of any animal “which may pose a danger to humans and domestic animals” to take the necessary measures to prevent accidents. The owners of Roxy are pleading with the municipality to “quickly implement all the necessary measures so that another tragedy does not happen again”.



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