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They place a camera above their bed and discover everything their cat does at night to wake them up

About a month after Ash’s adoption, his new family discovered one of his main character traits: they really, really hate it when their parents sleep.

Credit: laurenjenel12 / TikTok

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Instead of accepting that his people can be tired and sometimes need to sleep, Ash has decided to do everything to make his parents give up sleep forever, and you will see that his solution is particularly effective . To get the best possible results, her tactics in her anti-sleep campaign, which has been running for almost a year now, vary depending on who she targets.

“For me, she meows in my face and lays on top of me” explains Lauren, Ash’s mother, who asked that her last name not be mentioned. And she adds: “She rarely hits me. For my boyfriend, she tends to swing at him more often, but she rarely leaves a mark. Her favorite method is to meow and howl until one of us wakes up. »

Ash is an incredibly determined cat and won’t give up trying until one of his parents wakes up, acknowledges his presence and finds a way to make room for him in the marriage bed. Wondering exactly what their furry friend’s methods were for joining them at night or early in the morning, the couple decided to install a camera above his bed to find out his habits. And the results are pretty funny.

@laurenjenel12 Does anyone else’s cat do this? #fyp #foryoupage #catsoftiktok #cats Cool Kids (our fast version) – Echosmith

@laurenjenel12 Reply to @devonmarie15 for those wondering why we have a camera above our bed: we woke up with scratches on our face and her toys under us and we wanted to find out what she was up to! Safe to say, do we have a good idea now? #fyp #foryoupage #catsoftikt Cool Kids (our fast version) – Echosmith

Videos that have gone viral

Lauren uploaded several videos to TikTok showing Ash trying to wake them up. The posts shared on social networks provoked many reactions from internet users. The comments that can be read there range from “you need a bigger bed for this cat to fit” on “my cat/dog does it too”Passing by “She’s not waking you up, you two are waking her up” Lauren said. At least one thing is for sure, even if they are a little more tired since adopting her, they wouldn’t change her for anything in the world and are happy that she was able to make people laugh all over the world.

Credit: Lauren

Great, right?

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