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This 19-year-old cat has become the star of a foster home and brings a lot of joy to the residents

Simba has been living with his mistress in a nursing home for 2 years now and he really likes this environment where he is the center of attention.

Liz Baker is the proud owner of Simbaa ginger cat who has reached the respectable age of 19. 2 years ago she had to enter a retirement home called Stone Creek Assisted Living Center and lies inOhioto United States. A difficult moment, but eased by the presence of Simba.

Liz’s nursing home accepts retired pets

The home in which moved Liz accepts the presence of its residents’ animals. A real blessing for the pensioner who would have been very devastated to part with Simbawhom she had adopted 9 years earlier.

Besides, Liz remembers very well her cat’s reaction when he arrived at her house for the first time. He already had a good character. “He walked around my bedroom, down to the living room and through the dining room. Then he came back and sat down next to the shipping box and looked at me and looked like he was thinking, ‘I guess so’”, the pensioner told KFOR.

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A cat still full of energy

Despite his advanced age, Simba still has a lot of energy and is full of zest for life. He quickly got things under control and found a place in the retirement home. He likes it very much.

On the spot he got into the habit of going and greeting all the residents and asking them for a few scratches. He is a bit like the mascot of the place, and welcomes all new residents as he should.

On a daily basis, he lives in the room Liz. But every day the pensioner goes out on his scooter and places his cat in the basket at the front. They go like that to the gardens, where Simba rushes to say hello to everyone.

For the staff at the retirement home, the cat’s presence brings only positives. He is a source of joy and good humor for the residents. “He will go to anyone who scratches his chin“, said McKaylynn Stephensone of the residence’s employees.




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