This 3-legged kitten is not afraid of anything and enjoys life like any other cat

Rosie wasn’t in great shape when she arrived at Caroline’s, but it didn’t take long for her to recover. This little warrior surprises those around her and seduces everyone she meets with the devotion she exudes.

Caroline Gracefounder of Baby Kitten Rescue (Los Angeles), recently welcomed under her roof 3 kittens with the cute names lavender, Basil and Rosemary. At 5 weeks old, these balls of fur desperately needed help. They were “ dehydrated, emaciated and covered in parasites » remembers the young woman next to him lovemeow.

One of them, Rosemary (Rosein a white dress), especially concerned Carolina. In addition to having one less leg, the cat was much smaller and emaciated than its 2 siblings. ” I felt all her ribs when I touched her. She weighed a 2 week old kitten. »

Rosie just wants to live like the others

But she was a real fighter. well surrounded, Rose will take hold and show true courage. ” Even in her most vulnerable moments she was purring and yearning for love! “tell Carolina.

The kitten has developed perfectly in its new environment and has been able to adapt to the absence of its fourth leg without any problems. ” She had no problem moving around. It seems like she is not aware of her difference », and all the better!

An irresistible little ball of fur

Rosejump around like a rabbit and loves the company of other toms. Carolina call it” player “and of” brave “. She is also a real pot glue!

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She is so endearing that she quickly spotted an adoptive family, which she joined soon after her arrival. We are convinced that princess Rose knows how to play its charm there and that it brings joy to its new owners.


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