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This brave dog with a permanent smile spreads happiness all around him

Kind Jasper has a few health issues, which include the presence of a constant smile on his face. But that may well be what makes it so charming, and what will allow it to receive all the care it needs to live a life full of joy.

But why does this dog smile all the time? This is a question asked by the members of Front Street Animal Shelteran animal shelter in the city of Sacramentoto United States.

An intriguing doggie

This crusader Chihuahua named Jasper has, in fact, aroused everyone’s curiosity as soon as he arrived. Despite this peculiarity, the dog fitted in wonderfully in his new environment and quickly joined the roof of a foster family, in the company of Brady and Haleyand other animals.

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To find out more about his condition, Jasper underwent some veterinary examinations with professionals from theU.C. Davis. This would not have been possible without generous donors, touched by the story of the little dog.

Unfortunately, he suffered from health problems.

Volunteers will learn that Jasper suffers from several birth defects, as well as a middle ear infection. These would cause his head to shake, as well as kidney disease.

Fortunately, the dog does not feel any pain and is even doing quite well. He is always in a good mood. To improve his daily life, he follows a diet adapted to his condition as well as medical treatment.

Hope was reborn then for the crusader Chihuahua which had a difficult start. And the story will become even more beautiful, when her foster mothers decide to keep Jasper by their side for all eternity!

“He was where he should be”

The dog with the impeccable smile was like a fish in water under this warm roof, and his mistresses had become very attached to him. ” I want to make sure he gets all the love and care he needs, and I’m not ready to part with him. » confided Brady at CBS News.

His 2 moms for life still don’t know where this intriguing smile comes from. But they don’t care. All that matters to them is that Jasper be happy, and that he continues to get better with the help of his treatments!



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