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This cat doesn’t recognize his friend the dog when he returns from the grooming salon (video)

Lupim the dog thought he would be able to go home quietly after his grooming session, but that was without counting on his feline friend, Milly, who will be very upset by the new appearance of his 4-legged roommate. !

milly the cat and Lupim the dog is best friends, despite conflicting beginnings, reports The Dodo. Accustomed to spending their days next to each other, the 2 furballs never leave each other, and know each other by heart.

At least that’s what their mistress thought, a young woman’s nameAmanda Alckmim. However, after a passage from Lupim at the groomer, the young woman will witness a scene that is, to say the least, unexpected!

When the dog came home with a fresh haircut, the reaction went away milly will be particularly surprising. In the video above, you can see the cat freeze and arch its back. He doesn’t seem to recognize his canine brother. In all circumstances” it was really strange » remember Amanda.

Fortunately, it only took a little time milly to understand that it was actually his best friend. The cat quickly returned to its usual behavior.

Lupim can now enjoy her new look and continue to share a warm everyday life with her favorite cat!



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