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This cat takes a very strange attitude when he hears someone ring his doorbell

A beautiful bushy ball recently went viral on Reddit. The way she stands when she hears the sound of the doorbell has won the favor of thousands of people who are absolutely seduced by her enigmatic side!

A few days ago, a ginger cat that looked like ” lion “made netizens completely” crazy “, according to Newsweek. Its owner, whose pseudonym is @flbudskisposted a picture of him in a very strange posture…

Stand like a human

This ball of fur reacts in an amazing way when someone rings the doorbell: he stands on his 2 hind legs, upright like a human! You only need to observe this picture to understand that his appearance and his posture say a lot. The latter was also the subject of much speculation among users of Save your.

Some saw in him a old gentleman in slippers “. Others have identified him with ” Puss in Boots “. Its bushy legs seem to have an effect! Many also complimented the cat’s fur, comparing it more than once to a ” majestic lion for the pleasure of his master.

Finally, a handful of them wondered why his stomach was shaved like this. The cat’s owner explains that he has a habit of cutting his hair” 15 cm long » every summer season, so that it can better withstand the heat.

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Our friends, the tomcats, are not done entertaining us. They are so funny and endearing that they make our days better and this extravagant cat sure knows how to do that!




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