This Deaf Dog Desperately Waits For Adopters To Give Her A Chance Despite Her Disability

The shelter Friends Of Rescue, located at derry in North Irelandposted a new message on his social networks asking the community to help one of their proteges finally find a loving home.

In effect, Willowher nickname, has been stuck at the shelter for months when she’s still just a puppy.

The young lady was abandoned because of her disability and is now struggling to meet her masters forever.

“What’s wrong with our Willow?” She is incredible. Anyone would be lucky to have her in their life.”wrote a spokesperson on the publication.

Willow is deaf, but is perfectly independent.

It’s true that adopting an animal with a disability can be scary. Nevertheless, they do not differ in any way from their congeners from the moment when we know the gestures to put in place, reports the BelfastLive.

Placed in foster care awaiting a new start

At 7 months, it is essential that Willow learns to live in a home in order to perfect his socialization. Host volunteers from the organization took her under their wings while waiting for her to meet her future adopters.

“Being deaf is only a clinical diagnosis and with a few adaptations at home, doggies like Willow lead full, normal lives. She is happy, healthy and a typical pup”recounted his good Samaritans.

The young lady was described as sociable, particularly enjoying the company of other canines, but also that of cats.

A home with congeners would therefore be a significant plus for her.

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Similarly, the center recalled the fact that a deaf dog can be educated, but that a calm environment, without young children, is preferable to its development.

Willow is already learning the basics of body language.

Whatever, Willow will fit perfectly into her new life as soon as she is surrounded by love and attention.


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