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This dog was rescued from euthanasia and now takes care of orphaned kittens

This dog was saved when he had to be euthanized. Today it is her turn to give orphaned kittens a new start in life.

Laura is the owner of Raylan. She first welcomed him into her home as a foster family to save him from being euthanized. He was only 2 years old then. Months passed, but no household wanted to adopt the dog. During this time, Laura became attached to the dog and she ended up adopting him herself.

Laura has started taking in cats

After the adoption of Raylan, Laura wanted to continue his mission as a foster family. This time she preferred to take care of orphaned or abandoned kittens. She noticed that Raylan was very gentle with them.

Since then, with each new welcome, the dog plays the role of surrogate parent for the kittens. And he puts his whole heart into it.

Recently, 4 kittens from the same litter have arrived at Laura

Recently it’s a litter of 4 little ones Laura welcomed into her home. Barely 3 weeks old, they had been discovered on the street and without a mother nearby.

At first the kittens were quite nervous about Raylan, but soon learned that they loved it when he licked and cleaned them like a mother cat“, told Laura on lovemeow.

The newcomers considered quickly Raylan as their role model. Wherever the dog went, a small Indian file of kittens followed him. “They tried to follow him everywhere and do everything like him because they admired him so much.“, told Laura.

During the siesta, they got to snuggle against the dog’s belly. Some even climbed on the back and made themselves comfortable there. They also required the dog to carry them in its mouth, as a mother cat would have done.

Thanks to love and kindness Raylan, the kittens were able to grow up with a signal and feel safe. Today, the 4 cats have been adopted and have joined their family for life. As for Raylanhe is proud of his adopted children and he has already started spoiling new ones!



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