This former stray cat shows her joy every day at having found a home for her and her little ones

After experiencing the streets, this cat was lucky enough to find a home to give birth to her babies. Every day she shows her happiness and gratitude to her adoptive mother.

Freckles was found pregnant in the streets of Virginiato United States. After entering the shelter Animal Welfare League of Arlington, she was given a place in a foster family in order to give birth peacefully. From his first moments in his new home, Freckles was very demonstrative and showed how happy she was to be there.

Before getting a puppy, Freckles was looking for a lot of tenderness

When Freckles moved into his new home, the 2-year-old cat exploded with joy. She was eager for attention and asked for lots of caresses. She kept purring and curled up on her mother’s leg like a. She enjoyed being safe and loved.

When the time came, the cat took her place in her cozy bed to give birth to her babies. The cat seemed reassured by the presence of her foster family, who watched over her throughout the night. “It was a long night for the new mother, we were up until about Everyone is healthy and happy, that’s all that matters“, told like a on lovemeow.

Fregner took care of her 6 kittens, but still wanted to be cared for

Freckles was exemplary in her role as mother. For the first few days, she thought only of her young children, feeding and cleaning them constantly. like a brought her food directly into bed as she never came out.

After a few days, the mother finally took some time for herself. She came to ask for caresses fromlike a. “I thought maybe she was like this because she was pregnant, but her behavior hasn’t changed at all since having babies”, the young woman rejoiced.

Once the litter has grown enough, the entire family, including the mother, will be offered for adoption. Freckles will never live on the streets again and she will be able to ask for caresses for the rest of her life!

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