This galette des Rois was voted the best in France in 2023, here is the secret of its pastry chef to make it a success

What is the best almond galette in France? At the beginning of December, in Joué-lès-Tours (37), seven pastry chefs chose their favorite in the national competition for the best almond galette, organized by the National Confederation of French Bakery-Pastry. Judgment? It was the creation of pastry chef Hervé Bodet from the Les Délices de Pierre bakery in Château-Renault (37), not far from Tours, which won all the votes.

Best almond galette in 2023: the test lasted 8 hours

Launched this year for the first time, this competition aims to identify the best almond galette in France made in the traditional way. A total of 20 pastry chefs, from all over the country (including Reunion Island) and medalists from their region, had to compete in a test that lasted no less than eight hours. At the end of this allotted time, the candidates should have made two pancakes with a diameter of 30 cm. To decide between them, the members of the jury judged them on five criteria: baking, decoration, visual appearance, almond or frangipane cream, puff pastry and balanced carving.

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The winner’s secret ingredients? Time and space

Hervé Bodet’s secret to a perfect Galette des Rois? Patience. The pastry chef needs “ two to three days to achieve a perfect consistency and an ideal balance between the ingredients “, as revealed France blue who interviewed him. ” A galette takes a lot of time, especially when it comes to puff pastry, which you have to fold several times and let rest each time to get a good puff pastry. “, he explains to the media. In the cake of the king of galettes, there are also gray and white almonds, butter, fresh eggs and rum. ” The almond flavor is a little more accentuated and we tried to find a slightly different rum to bring this particular flavor. “, he continues. For the professional, this distinction should allow him to double the sales of his galette des Rois in January. He also had the privilege of being invited to the Epiphany Galat ceremony held at the Élysée on Thursday, January 5.

Here are the three best galettes des Rois de France:

1st: Hervé Bodet’s galette, Pierre’s delights, in Château-Renault (37), Centre-Val de Loire region

2nd: Eric Orget’s galette, from the bakery of the same name, in Saint-Just-en-Chaussée (60), Hauts de France region

3rd: Frédéric Béliard’s galette from L’Atelier du pain in Fagnières (51), Grand Est region

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