This Golden Retriever is caught digging a hole to join his neighbor! (video)

Sam loves to dig his paws into the cool dirt, especially when they allow him to make his way to his neighbor Lucy, a pretty Labrador. The owner of the Golden Retriever delivers the hilarious account of their antics on TikTok.

Some of you may find him disobedient, but what Sat has inspired millions of Internet users, it’s above all a lot of laughter! Newsweek talked about it last August.

This dog is a little rascal

the Golden retriever recently made the buzz on the social network TikTokstarting by digging a hole under the fence separating him from his adored neighbor, a pretty Labrador named Lucy. The mistress of Sat does not hesitate to make his displeasure heard by shouting ” Nope ” several times. Do you think the dog has anything to do with it?


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The answer is no, of course. He keeps digging in the ground, hoping that Lucy manage to slip through the barrier once and for all! But that won’t be for today, it seems. ” Your father is coming home, it’s not the time to play! exclaims his mistress, before the video ends.

The 2 doggies were not going to stop there…


They decided to dig in a different area…. #goldenretriever #dogsofttiktok #dog #labradorretriever #puppylove #puppy #stressedout #fence #doglife #friends #lucy #sam

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But do not panic. Sat and Lucy had not said their last word. In 2 other videos TikTokwe see that the doggies dug in another place, and that they quickly managed to get what they wanted…


This was Sam and Lucy about 15 minutes after the second video. Lucy was able to get under the fence. #goldenretriever #dogsofttiktok #dog #beelzedog #puppy #labradorretriever #puppiesoftiktok #puppylove #love

♬ original sound – Kandi

The best friends were able to meet in the same garden, and spend an afternoon full of games and bickering! Millions of netizens have been wowed by their cute and hilarious adventures. Fortunately, they can continue to follow them on the social network.

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