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This Hairless Pug Is Horrifying To Some People, But Her Family Loves Her Just The Way She Is

It doesn’t matter how others look at Micah Williams. She finds her perfect hairless Pug as well!

micah williams is the owner of Dorothy, a pug like no other. This female dog, probably crossed with a hairless breed, has a completely bald body. This does not prevent her family from loving her like this and finding her perfect.

When Micah takes a walk with Dorothy, she faces a lot of reactions

micah and Dorothy never go unnoticed. On the street, people are struck by the unusual appearance of the Carlin. Some find her cute, others are horrified. But micah amused by these reactions. “My favorite thing in the world is the people who see it and react” she confided to The Dodo. “It’s either pure horror or instant adoration.

The absence of hair in Dorothy is not a disease. She was born this way and will remain so, because this characteristic is written in her genes.

One of his parents was probably of a hairless race. “We did a dog DNA test and we got 87.5% pug [et] 13% terrier or other“, has explained micah.

Dorothy is a dog like any other, who just needs a coat in winter

Apart from its atypical appearance, Dorothy is a pug that could not be more normal. “She loves to sniff, snuggle, eat and sleep – apparently she has the complete pug personality! […] He’s the nicest dog ever.

The absence of hair requires only one adaptation: in winter, Dorothy must wear a coat to keep warm. It’s not a constraint for her family, who have fun dressing her in original jackets like this pink puffer jacket. Enough to make all hairy dogs jealous!



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