This pensioner is crying out for help after spending all her life savings treating her dog


It’s a heartbreaking story which has moved the web in recent days. Margaret Haggerty has spent thousands of dollars helping her adopted dog Tide into a kennel. Indeed, the septuagenarian has welcomed the animal with the Scottish SSPCA in July, after he was mistreated by its former owners. Despite this painful start to life, the canine remained very affectionate, quickly creating a bond with his new family.

“My mum found him on the SSPCA website and found he looked like her dead dog. She is fallen in love from him right away”told Victoria Broughthe daughter of the septuagenarian, in Glasgow Times. The duo quickly developed a beautiful complicity. Unfortunately, the six-year-old dog fell seriously ill one month after its adoption.

A dog abused by his former owners

The dog began to show worrying signs. He first had several episodes of nausea and diarrhea. ” He also lost his appetite and his energy until he collapsed. It was really sad to see”, said Victoria. The veterinarians then revealed that he had Addison’s disease. The latter occurs when the dog’s adrenal glands do not produce enough corticosteroid hormones.

The body of the canine is then harmed, being able to cause death. Nevertheless, if dogs with this condition are diagnosed and treated correctly, then they can live a long and happy life. However, the treatment is very expensive. Margaret has already spent over 3,000 euros in care and no longer has enough savings to pay for the drugs.

Care that is very expensive for retirees

Victoria Brough, told the Glasgow Times : “ My mother is completely broke. She used all her savings to help Tide. » “It stresses her out, she is very upset about it all. She really wants to give Tide a dream existence », added the young woman, worried about her mother. Margaret is desperate to fund her trusty companion’s medication, and her daughter Victoria has decided to start a fundraisings to help him.

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An online kitty to donate

The retiree’s daughter explained that her mother could spend 115 euros per month from his retirement pension to pay for the drugs. A sum that is not enough to cover all the costs. So she launched a GoFundMe kitty. The objective is to reach 2,300 euros in donations. The SSPCA, meanwhile, explained that it was unable to help financially. ” If Tide had been returned to us, our veterinary team would have had to assess the severity of his illness. This could have led to theeuthanasia of the dog. »

Margaret can’t believe it! The amount requested has already been collected thanks to the generosity of Internet users, affected by the story of Tide. The kitty even displays more than €3,000. The 160 donors will allow Tide to have a beautiful life, alongside his new family. The kitty is always open if however some Internet users want to participate.


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