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This stray cat only had a cardboard box to seek refuge in, he is now a fulfilled indoor tomcat

A beautiful cat found on the streets of New York state has joined a family in record time, according to volunteers. 24 hours was enough for him to stop wandering and taste the pleasures of indoor life. Today he is the happiest of cats!

lovemeow returned a few days ago to the amazing destinyElfrenamed thump, a cat found in a cardboard box by a walker. This item seemed to be her only refuge and it was unthinkable for the young woman to leave it outside in such conditions.

He will leave the streets and loneliness in record time…

She then took the necessary steps to entrust him to the vets from Veterinary Emergency Groupin White Plains (USA), then to the association Little Wanderers NYC. Terrible at first, the little one Elf gradually opened up to his benefactors. He was relieved to no longer have to endure the cold in the street. ” He swallowed the food we gave him. He was starving remember the volunteers.

The same day a woman is called tricia had heard of the story ofElf. She had immediately fallen under his spell and gone to the premises Little Wanderers NYC to learn more about the little survivor. A couple of hours later, Elf (renamed thump) joined his tag!

It is an adoption that, according to the volunteers, took place in record time. thump couldn’t ask for more! He was quick to express his gratitude to his new mother and to show many signs of affection towards her.

The tomcat found the one he needed

tricia quickly noticed that there was a slight problem with the hind legs off thump. ” They pointed outwards and looked like rabbit feet she says. She also wonders if it is not this” difference “there leads thump to be alone on the street.

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But that doesn’t matter to the Good Samaritan. ” I have a special love for these different cats who need more love she confided. It is therefore safe and secure thump has fallen into good hands. Although he cannot jump in the same way as his congeners, he enjoys life to the fullest, feels no pain and enjoys a warm everyday life in the company of other felines who live under the same roof as him.




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