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“This uniqueness should make you think”

The image is strong. And unprecedented.

Alongside the investigators of the territorial direction of the judicial police (DTPJ) of Nantes on the forecourt of the judicial court, this Monday, there are magistrates of the seat, the prosecution and lawyers. All came to say the good they think of the work of the PJ and the evil that inspires them, in essence, the reform of the police wanted by the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin.

This reform, it should be remembered, plans to bring together all the investigation services under the sole command of the departmental director of the police. For weeks, the anger has been swelling and it is now all the links in the judicial chain who is mobilizing, notes a judge from Nantes.

In total, a hundred magistrates, lawyers and investigators gathered in Nantes. | PRESS PHOTO OCEAN-SIMON TORLOTIN

It is worrying and vain to think that the PJ staff can be melted into the mass dealing with visible, surface delinquency.​, says a magistrate, who has often worked with Nantes investigators on organized crime cases in particular. These specialized staff are invaluable. They have a great knowledge of matter and the environment​, she continues.

“Police memory and mobilization capacity”

The PJ is also a police memory and a capacity for mobilization. In Nantes, the investigators have shown their effectiveness over the past six years. They can respond present 24 hours a day for ten days in a row, if necessary. They also have a great capacity for responsiveness and mobility in the territory. With this reform, we want to weaken everything that makes the strength of the PJ.

Former great police officers, like Jean-Marc Bloch (here in the center in a white shirt), came to show their support for the Nantes investigators. | PRESS PHOTO OCEAN-SIMON TORLOTIN

A little further on, investigating magistrates say the same thing: We don’t want to see the PJ disappear​, explains one of them. We are here to show our support. This unit conducts long-term investigations into drug trafficking, organized crime, but also in eco-financial matters. If this reform passes, we will lose quality. For us, in Nantes, this is a real concern, especially as current events show that we need services that can investigate over the long term. The PJ is on all these procedures. And it does quality work with already insufficient means.

The Nantes bar had also called on lawyers to mobilize this Monday. The quality of investigations and procedures also leads to quality trials. And we are rather in favor of well-assembled files. With this reform, the time spent investigating risks melting like snow in the sun. Ultimately, this is not in the interest of our customers. This is about defending great principles. And that’s what we’re here for. This uniqueness of discourse should make you think​.



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