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Threats at a taco restaurant in Montpellier: “If you don’t order me again, I’ll smoke you”

This Sunday, in an establishment on avenue de la Pompignane, she had made a mistake in her order and wanted it redone by the staff, armed with a pellet gun.

The scene takes place this Sunday, December 18, mid-afternoon. A 30-year-old walks into a taco restaurant on rue de La Pompignane and places an order. After she finishes, she goes outside to join her niece and her partner. But realizing she made a mistake, she returns to the establishment to have her order changed.

A request impossible to honor, this has already been launched. After beginning to be vituperated, the young woman exits before returning a third time with a gun in her hand (a pellet gun). And there, facing the employee, says, “Are you sure you don’t want to redo my order?” . Then another employee, who remained inflexible, threatens: “If you don’t order me again, I’ll smoke you!”.

She appears in June

Alerted by another employee, the police arrived at the scene in a very short time to carefully arrest the hysteric. Officials also arrested her niece’s partner after discovering a knife on him.
This Monday, and after police custody, the suspect was released.

But is due in court on June 8 as part of a pre-plea hearing. As for the young person, it is for the juvenile judge that he must explain himself.



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