Top 15 Dishes That Are Clearly Overpriced Who Do You Think You Are?

Food is life. We all agree on that. On the other hand, we get a little carried away when we say, “Waaaaaw but this dish… It’s incredible! I could eat it all the time! Blah blah blah.”. I’m not saying all the dishes in this top are inedible, huh? I’m just saying they’re a bit too expensive. Yes, sushi is good. No, it is not the best thing on this earth. It’s the nuance.

All truffle dishes

According to my friend Google, the truffle is “umami”, that is, its taste goes beyond what we are used to. Basically, it is neither salty, sweet, bitter nor sour. Unspeakable, you say? I’ll help you: truffles are disgusting. Here. It wasn’t that complicated.

The gnocchi

It doesn’t taste, it’s soft like plastic, it’s semi-viscous, it’s just potato and flour mixed together, in short… It’s just boring.


So okay, that’s good. Yum. But hey… It’s not the thing of the year either. It’s rice, and a small piece of raw vegetables or fish in the middle, what. Not to mention that tang layer that everyone pretends to love but actually despises.

The burgers

Bah… Bread, steak and ketchup, what. There is nothing to make a big deal out of it either. Also, I don’t want to sound snobbish, but we need to settle down on the fritters too, huh? It’s great, it’s eaten with your fingers, but it stops there!

Turkey/chicken breast

A blow to ultra-fit people: chicken breast is as much fun as a November funeral in the rain.

The risotto

Rice, white wine and parmesan. Wow. Incredible.

The yakitori

Cheese is the most beautiful thing in the world. SO WHY WRAP IT IN MEAT AND DIP IT IN SAUCE????

Bulgur or quinoa salad


Dry ink paste.

Ok, it’s black, it’s beautiful, it’s “original”. But that’s all. In terms of taste, we are clearly iech.

All lobster dishes

It is nothing more than a large shrimp. Except shrimp are cheaper and less tedious to cut. Eat shrimp, be pragmatic.

The cassoulet

It’s dry, it’s greasy, and it farts for days. The relationship between taste pleasure and stinky backlash is not worth it.

Burgundy fondue

BUT WHERE DID YOU SAY THAT THE MEAT WAS PREPARED BY SOAKING IT IN OIL??? The meat is grilled or fried, rare or blue, that’s all.

Everything covered in “gold leaf”

If silver doesn’t smell, believe me gold leaf doesn’t taste. Salt bae, how are you?


It’s mashed potatoes and cheese. It’s good, but there’s not enough to hit 1h30 in the car to go “to taste” one, huh. Yes, I agree, the “elastic” side of things is pretty playful, but honestly… You can do the exact same thing with your slime or your ass paste.

stuffed tomatoes

Who Said Sausage Meat Was Good? WHO? We will have to discuss.

Bonus: macaroons

Okkkkkkk not a dish, but still… It’s hard to make more overpriced than this cake from hell. Stop that and eat canelés.

Eat only pasta. Pasta is good. It’s even grossly underrated!

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