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Toulouse: beware, this cat in the window is not for sale!

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Rue Sainte-Ursule in the center of Toulouse, a cat spends its days lying on a pillow in the window of a toy shop.

A cat in the window. A rather unexpected place for a pet. However, it is there that Miss Teigne, 13, lives, comfortably installed on her pillow behind the facade of the Imagin’ères store, rue Sainte-Ursule, in the Harry Potter universe.

A happy fate for this cat, doomed to be abandoned, who one day crossed paths with Raphaël Oued, owner of a company specializing in products derived from TV series, manga and comics. “Miss Teigne has been wandering around the neighborhood for seven or eight years,” explains Raphaël Oued, and has found refuge and food from various merchants and neighbors. Many took care of her, took care of her. And then during the imprisonments, she has arrived at the shop, discovers the room, the atmosphere. We have even created an entrance in one of the facades of the sign to facilitate passage. It is necessary to believe that this strange universe of 250 m2, has seduced since she took up residence there”.

Miss Ringworm was an abandoned cat

Adopted by Raphaël and the staff, Miss Teigne had her place on the desk chair for some time. Before you definitely choose to sunbathe in the window, please. This cat, which has become the neighborhood mascot over time, can also have the whims of a star.

“People take a lot of pictures of it, admire it behind the glass. Some even think it’s a stuffed animal for sale!”. She stretches, relaxes, catches the light, plays it coquettish. If Miss Ringworm looks so cute on her pillow, make no mistake, she also has her character and doesn’t like to be disturbed. Hence the name… Near it, a small poster notifies passers-by of some recommendations: “Please don’t disturb my sleep by knocking on the window, or I’ll be in a bad mood afterwards. You can take me though in pictures: I’m often told that I’m photogenic”.



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