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Toulouse Cat Festival: another day to crack

This Sunday, the former Parc des Expositions in Toulouse hosts the Cat Festival organized by the Cat Club Occitanie, where the Maine Coon and the Bengal are the stars. A festival around twenty-five breeds of cats where it’s hard not to crack up. During this day, in addition to acquiring an adorable tomcat, you can also participate in the Best in Show, where the cats selected by breed and color by the judges go up on the podium to be separated and win the trophy.

Between €900 and €1500 to buy

But in these difficult economic times, how much does it cost to buy and maintain a cat? Marie-André Soso, president of Katteklubben, cat breeder and care trainer, explains: “Buying a purebred cat costs between €900 and €1,500, all breeds together, she estimates. In fact, the purchase depends on what you want to do: either you buy a cat as a hobby animal or for breeding vaccinations, food, worming, litter: approx. €50 per month. The disease is of course not taken into account”.

“At the moment, the most popular breed is the Maine Coon. He is very popular because of his big cat physique and his easy character: friendliness, therefore ideal with children, flexible adaptation also with the dog”.

“After all, having this animal requires thought, assures Marie-André. We must not act on a whim and on a whim. This Christmas Eve, it is good to remember that. Let us not forget that buying a cat is a 15 – year’s contract!”. The Mustache Clan approves. The association recovers abandoned cats to offer them for adoption: “We currently have about 60 cats, note the volunteers. Including Manou, 1 year old, left by her owner after the birth of her five kittens”.

This Sunday, Hall 8 of the former Toulouse Exhibition Center from 10am to 6pm. Prices: €5 (adults). Children from 5 to 12 years: €3. Free for children under 5 years.



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