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Toulouse. “I want to find Rhapsody!” : she launches an emergency call after her cat’s disappearance

Rhapsody, a two-year-old Persian female, has been missing from a bar in the center of Toulouse since Tuesday, November 29, 2022. Her owner makes an emergency call. (©DR)

Disappearances of animals are common and Toulouse does not escape the phenomenon. But the accident that happened to Emilie* is quite unique and threw the young woman into terrible disarray…

A cat with very special gifts…

On Tuesday, November 29, 2022, she decides to go out with a friend to a bar in the center of Toulouse in the Saint-Etienne district. In his company, also curled up in a bag, another rather special company: her pussy, Rhapsody, a red-haired Persian female, with copper colored eyes, and aged 2 years. A very special cat in everyday life for Emilie, who is trained in animal communication used for speech therapy.

“She is both my life and work partner. I am a speech pathologist and she has been a regular presence in my office for patients for more than two years. She is a communicator cat who has created a real bond with my patients.”

The cat is recognizable by its white-purple bandage.
The cat is recognizable by its white-purple bandage. (©DR)

Emilie almost never takes her cat out under these circumstances. There, in front of the bar’s weak attendance that night, she decides to release Rhapsody. Alas, the cat escaped and this is when the problems began for the young woman…

“She got off the couch, found a hole behind it, and my friend saw his dick go under the floor. Everything was closed… except for a gap, and she went through it”.

All the means to find it

Emilie panics and tries by all means to find her cat: calls the firefighters – “they told me they couldn’t intervene” – water and food to lure her, sets up the animal communication, puts up posters in the neighborhood… Emilie is even considering renting a thermal camera or a remote control car to try to locate Rhapsody. “I warned associations, I called the veterinary practice. My friends and my family help me a lot, but we are helpless,” Toulousaine laments.

The cat has disappeared under the board placed in the corner of this sofa.
The cat has disappeared under the board placed in the corner of this sofa. (©DR)

A bandage to recognize her

Is Rhapsody stuck? Did she manage to escape outside the building? The young woman has been facing unanswered questions for four days now. “Other than that, she’s not expressive and doesn’t meow much,” adds the speech therapist from Pink City.

Rhpasody, white-beige coat, can be recognized by his broken paw and his white-purple bandage. And time is running out… “I want to find my cat…”, Emilie ends in the form of a cry of alarm.

  • The name has been changed


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