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Trial of the November 13 attacks: “Yassine Atar was not in this cell”, plead his lawyers

Among the audio files of the computer of the terrorist cell was found a 4-minute message entitled “Yass” which said in particular this: “Thank you for all you have done for me”. Recorded the day before the suicide attacks of March 22, 2016 in Brussels by the jihadist Ibrahim El Bakraoui, chief logistician of the killings of November 13, 2015 with his brother Khalid, it constitutes for the prosecution one of the key elements against Yassine Atar . “It’s a message to an insider”, qualified the national anti-terrorism prosecution in its indictment, asking for nine years in prison against this 35-year-old Belgian-Moroccan accused of having helped his older brother Oussama Atar , “brain” of the attacks in Paris and Saint-Denis, and his cousins ​​El-Bakraoui to prepare them.



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