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Two blind cats become best friends and blow the whole world away


Elodie Carpentier

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Cats are some of the most beloved pets in the world, but at the same time, many kittens are still in animal shelters, waiting to be adopted.

The story of two cats, Rowan and Bubbly, is currently melting hearts around the world.

Two eyeless cats looking for a home

The two kittens have a sad common story: following serious infections, both of their eyes had to be removed; a significant change for the two quadrupeds who, following the operation, had to get used to their new living conditions.

But the turning point comes when they meet for the first time at the shelter to Anderson Humane animals in Illinois (USA), becoming each other’s support. Juliann Carlson, a volunteer at the shelter, told local press:

“They need each other to comfort each other. Bubbly gets nervous when Rowan isn’t with her! ‘

Of course, the handicap of the two kittens could have made adoption difficult, but the volunteers of the shelter did everything to find a home for the two beautiful furry dogs. Now they have become two stars on Facebook and many users comment ready to accept visually impaired animals.

UPDATE: They were adopted and found their forever family! Meet Rowan and Bubbly! 🐱🐱 It’s a pair of glued…

published by Anderson Humane the Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Luckily for Bubbly and Rowan, the Facebook post helped them find a home and TOGETHER! They couldn’t have asked for more!

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