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Tyson Fury is now an outlaw in the United States!

Officially retired recently, Tyson Fury was yet to reappear near the rings in a few weeks, during the duel between his brother, Tommy, and Jake Paul. However, he could be prevented from doing so… by the American customs, who no longer want him on the territory!

Admittedly very attached to his native England, he nevertheless signed some of his greatest exploits in American rings. Often faced with US opponents during his prestigious career, Tyson Fury has won legendary victories in the country of Uncle Sam. Unfortunately for him, it is now impossible for him to return, even to support his half-brother.

Tyson Fury banned in the US… because of his mafia ties

Withdrawn from the circuit since his victory over Dillian Whyte on April 23, Fury officiates on the other hand as a shadow coach for his brother, Tommy. A precious help for the latter, who will have to face the sensation Jake Paul in a fight organized at Madison Square Garden on August 6th. However, the Gypsy King may not be able to make the trip for the occasion, as reported The Mirror !

The heavyweight champion is reportedly unable to travel to America due to his connections to Daniel Kinahan, who is believed to be the leader of the Kinahan organized crime group. The head of the Irishman is put at a price of 5 million dollars in the United States, while some of his associates would also be the subject of a price cut across the Atlantic.

It would therefore not be because of his actions, but of his so-called friendly relations with this baron of the Irish mafia that Fury would be unable to accompany his brother. He would not be the only one in this case in the family, since his father, John, also Tommy’s trainer, would face the same concern. In a video posted on Instagram, and since deleted, the coach himself acknowledged these facts by addressing Jake Paul:

Look, man, we want this fight just like you do. But there is a problem: you can’t travel there. Suddenly, Tommy would not have a team with him. His team members aren’t allowed to travel to America as it stands, so Madison Square Garden isn’t accessible for us. And you Know it. So what we’re gonna do is accept less money to play you anywhere else in the world.

An offer that the American boxer and influencer does not seem ready to accept, which therefore leaves the Fury clan in the lurch. Will Tommy have to cancel the fight again for this reason, after having already had to forfeit last December? The rumor swells more and more. For the moment, without a trainer, he does not see himself climbing into the MSG ring to face the Problem Child!

Deemed too close to an Irish Mafia criminal wanted by US law enforcement, Tyson Fury would simply no longer have access to the United States. Bad news for his brother, Tommy, who finds himself very lonely before his fight against Jake Paul!



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