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Unbeaten France and National Rally “ready” to return to the campaign

Invited to television and radio programs this Sunday, deputies Clémentine Autain (La France insoumise) and Sébastien Chenu (National Rally) each said to themselves: “loan” to return to the electorate in the event of the dissolution of the assembly where the government has only a relative majority. The President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, has already expressed the threat of dissolution if the government is toppled by a vote of no confidence. For Clémentine Autain at Radio J, it’s a way to “to hold its ranks because it is already starting to get tired, it is already starting to challenge within the macronia”.

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“We have the ideas, the project, the applications”

This threat of dissolution therefore does not frighten the opposition, on the contrary. “We are ready. Not only do we have the ideas, the project, the applications, but we have even stored paper in case of a hasty dissolution.” to print leaflets, creeds or bulletins, assured Clémentine Autain on Radio J this Sunday. The elected representative of Seine-Saint-Denis was in favor of such an option, not to be “not satisfied with the political balance today”. “I think the macronion does not have the majority to do what it does”she pleaded.

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Same story for deputies in the National Rally. Guest on BFMTV, Sébastien Chenu explains that such a threat “do not be afraid”. “We are ready because we are a party of militants with men and women who want to seize power to implement a different policy”added the deputy chairman of the assembly. “We are ready to go to the campaign, we are ready to rule the country”he hammered.

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“I think the French don’t want it”

Even if this threat of dissolution was raised by the President of the Republic himself, the government spokesman, Olivier Véran, believes that the French do not want a dissolution of the National Assembly. But in the semi-circle, deputies oscillate between the government’s use of Article 49-3 to push through its proposals and the opposition’s vote of no confidence.

“I think the French don’t want that. I think the French have given us a relative majority to push us to have cross-party agreements, to be able to get out of the positions a little”, says Olivier Véran on the set of the show Sunday in politicson France 3. To avoid this potential dissolution, the spokesman called “the republican right” to support the initiatives presented by the majority, especially regarding the future pension reform.

On France Inter, the Minister of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty, Marc Fesneau gave the same speech. According to him, “the terms are not set today for a dissolution”. This decision will only be justified in the event of “institutional blocking strong enough that we may be in an impossible situation”.



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