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Unemployment insurance: FO condemns the plan to modulate compensation according to the economic situation

Last Monday, Olivier Dussopt presented to the social partners the content of future social security reform, thus ending the cycle of hearings on the subject. On this occasion, the Labor Minister reminded that the latter aims to establish a countercyclical principle, i.e. vary the daily allowance according to economic conditions and the labor market situation. The goal: to reduce unemployment to 5% against 7.4% currently.

In a press release of 25 November 2022, the union has Labor Force (FO) made it known that he condemned ” with the greatest firmness » this project, which he qualifies as « drastic reduction of jobseekers’ rights “.

Grading of compensation rules according to the economic situation: reminders

As a reminder, from 1eh February 2023, the duration of compensation for new jobseekers (including seniors aged 53 and over) will be adjusted according to the economic situation. Thereby:

  • In case of a favorable economic situation (“green period”) it will be reduced by 25% (ie a reduction coefficient of 0.75);
  • In the event of an unfavorable economic situation (“red period”), it will be the one we are currently experiencing.

On the other hand, the rules for calculating the size of the return allowance, the duration of the affiliation search (24 months) and the minimum duration of the affiliation (6 months) remain unchanged.

If you want to know more, don’t hesitate to read our news on the subject: All about the new unemployment insurance reform (with infographic).

The FO confederation opposes the new unemployment benefit rules

For the FO confederation, these new allowance rules will ” again “to have a greater influence on the most insecure, quotes in this connection” seasonal workers and seniors “. He points out at the same time that ” no effort is required from the employers “.

Moreover, this reform marks for him ” the final repeal of the insurance nature of unemployment insurance and the common system “. According to the union “all the restrictions introduced since 2018 for the negotiation of the unemployment insurance agreement, of which this graduation-reduction of rights is the latest, distort the negotiations “.

For FO, the strategy adopted by the government is not the right one. ” It is not by reducing the duration of rights and by impoverishing job seekers that we will solve the problem of labor shortages (…), but rather by significantly improving the working conditions of employees, by increasing wages and removing the peripheral obstacles to employment (housing, transport, childcare, etc.). «, he argues.

Finally, the union also says it is concerned ” putting Pôle emploi staff at risk “.

FO is not the only trade union that has reacted to the announcements from Olivier Dussopt. In fact, these new rules, and more generally the upcoming reform, have been far from unanimous, especially angering the CFE-CGC and the CGT. For the latter, the reform is ” unfair and ineffective and contains ” dangerous measures “.

On the side of the Federation of Managers and Supervisors (CFE-CGC) there is no ” harsh words to characterize the measures that Labor Minister Olivier Dussopt announced on 21 November. “. ” After degressivity, this 25% reduction in duration becomes completely unbearable and turns solidarity into a racket “, she added.

On the contrary, Medef welcomes this reform which, according to him, allows ” to go in the right direction “.



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