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Unemployment insurance: Nupes submits an appeal to the Constitutional Council

Nupes stated in a press release that they had filed an appeal with the Constitutional Council to challenge the unemployment insurance bill, which was passed on Thursday 17 November by Parliament.

Deputies from the parliamentary groups of the Nupes formation announced via a press release published on Friday, November 18, that they had submitted an appeal to the Constitutional Council to contest “the entire bill on emergency measures in connection with the functioning of the labor with a view to full employment” .

Nupes believes that the government’s bill “violates the rights and freedoms guaranteed by the constitution”. This was passed on Thursday after a vote in the Senate, and the executive branch was able to count on support from the right to avoid another 49.3.

“The opportunity that the government has been given to decide by decree on the rules for unemployment insurance, without limitations, and without limitation, and without the social partners questioning the right of workers to participate in the collective determination of their working conditions”, Nupes wrote .

The training also condemns “the loss of unemployment insurance rights for employees on fixed-term or temporary contracts who refuse two permanent contracts,” depriving them of “compensation for the risk of involuntary loss of employment against which they are nevertheless insured.” According to the left, this provision will “prolong job seekers in poverty, a situation already experienced by 38.9% of them”.

Finally, Nupes assessed that the “deep reform of the validation of the acquired experience” undermines “the quality of the rights to education, but also the constitutional principle of clarity and sincerity in the debates”.



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