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Unknowingly, a couple adopts the little sister of their visually impaired dog

Their little Diego suffered from a serious eye disease and he was supposed to need support. His masters will therefore decide to adopt another dog, not knowing that they will actually reunite him with his little sister…

What is the probability that 2 dogs from different litters, but who have the same parents, end up under the same roof? It is certainly close to zero! And yet this is what happened in Tennesseeto United Statesreports People.

In 2020, Jane Salazar and her husband adopted a small dog named Diego. Curious to know more about their new arrival, they had him do DNA tests and discovered that he was a cross between a Australian mountain dog and one pit bull.

But that’s not all. This test will also reveal that Diego suffers from premature retinal atrophy, a condition that leads to vision loss and eventual blindness.

What should be done to help him?

The ophthalmologist who examined him will then suggest that the couple adopt another dog that would be a real source of support to accompany Diego in his daily illness.

So they would do that the next day. Consulting the locations of the shelters in the surroundings, they soon stumbled upon the face of a dog that strangely resembled Diego

It was nevertheless enough to convince them to adopt it. That’s how young people are Dixie joined the home of Janeto never leave him again, and start a beautiful story with his friend Diego.

At least that’s what everyone thought: that they wanted to be friends, and nothing more. But a new DNA test, carried out this time the Dixiewill reveal that they are actually… siblings!

Chance would have it

Dixie and Diego were not from the same litter, but they probably had the same parents. And even though they shared the same DNA, they had totally different attitudes. While Dixie was” dynamic and curious », Diego was more” reserved and shy “trusted Jane.

Perhaps it is also this complementarity in the end that has created such an exceptional bond between this brother and this sister, reunited for life…



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